Now a days intensively it is needed to work on peace. In a country. Where people are burnt alive, just imagine what will be the level of tolerance?

So, we have started dialouge on interfaith harmony and peace. Our project have become function for dialouge on peace in Gujranwala Distt

        Eid Millan Party & Interfaith Dialogue on 28th October, 2012 at Village BudhaGorayaDistt Gujranwala.

District Gujranwala is almost situated in the centre of Pakistan. 80% population of this district is rural. Wheat and rice are main crops in this area. The people are divided into different castes like Rajput, Jutt, Goriya, Rana, Janjua, Warrich and Virk are main castes. They all are Land-owners. In this domain (district) 90% of Christian population are living rural lives. Most of the people are living at the bank of Muddy-ponds. This is very well-known district for religious discrimination. There is no Christian army officers, Judge, Bureaucrat, any politician, even  not a clerk of Government department from Christian community.

The main point is that Christian has no resource to educate their children. Most of the villagers are living in slavery. They work at brick construction towers. The urban Christians in that district are working as maids and servants. There is a great difference in a Christian life style, professions and resources. These differences in communities are making life much  more hard to live. From the initial school level, Christians are looked upon hated. They are treated poorly, they are degraded people. A teacher is teaching ethicalness and rough community differences at school level. The poor Christian children are facing such discriminations with every breath. Such all circumstances gave birth to hate, mental disturbance, poor life base and a tortured mind. Overall we can say a miserable and disorder life.

We are in need to walk with each-other. The innocent children need a friendly and positive environment. The ruling community needs to feel the presence of each other community. They need guidance to respect other’s religion and humanity otherwise no progress, no peace, no life will be possible. We need to talk on interfaith.


Keeping this all situation in mind, we selected Gujranwala district. There was Eid of Sacrifice, celebration day and this was a good day to start this good deed on 28th October 2012. We selected this day to talk on interfaith. We reached in a village Buddha Goriya in Gujranwala District. They warmly welcomed us. They presented us flowers. Mr. Molvi Muhammad Yousaf Abdul, Mr. Molvi Muhammad HayyatDogar welcomed us. In the light of both religions, we talked on peace, brotherhood and bearness. Pastor AfzalSohan did share from the words of God. Mr. Molvi Muhammad Yousaf Abdul did pray for the get-well soon of MalalaZie. Other participants were Mr. Rana Muhammad Abbas, Mr. Muhammad AzamJalandhri, Mr. Muhammad IqbalDogar, Mr. SohanMasih, Pastor AfzalMasih and I am (ShahzadMasih).

On that day, we decide to promote peace, brotherhood and to educate people that they can accept each other with heart and mind. We cut the Eid-cake, shared tea cup and celebrated that day happily.