Visit to All Saints Church Peshawar, Lady Reading Hospital, Graveyards & the Houses of Victims on 23rd – 24th September,2013

As usuall, Sunday service was taking place on 22nd September at All Saints Church Peshawar. After prayer people were ready to return homes, but the day became miserably historical and a sad memory forever when two suiciders blasted in the center of the church. This news spread all over the world like a fire in forest. Christian community was protesting against this incident. We also protested in youhanabadlahore from 3pm to 8pm.

After this protest, four members of Save and serve humanity left for peshwar at 10pm, we reached goal-ghddi at 5am. We visited the family of mrkhalid. They were three in family. Mr and mrskhalid with their son Idrees, this was a complete family.

Early in the Sunday morning, Idrees decided to visit the market while his parents were ready to attend the church services. When Idrees came to know about the bomb blasting in same church where his parents were. He rushed towards the church but something had happen forever. His mother had passed away and father recieved serious injuries. His father had been admitted in lady reading hospital, when we reached there next morning at 5am, we were sad to know that his father had gone to death. Many peolpe were their. There was crying, shouting, badly weeping, sobbing and sadness all around. Nobody could stop the tears. It was feeling as the all living and non-living things are protesting against the blasting attack. The environment was full of sadness, mr and mrskhalid was no more to breath. When we were at graveyard at 6am for the funeral of mrkhalid, we were more than shocked that dozens of new graves had been there only in this one and one and one and a half day.



One family had lost more than one beloved family members. The sadness at that time has no words to explain. It was feeling that they will never be able to do pass even a single sign of smile.

At the return from graveyard, we mobilize people to protest. The people from peshwar, kohat and thall city were with us. We recorded a peaceful protest from kisaakhwani market to kohati gate and a little protest in the nearby areas of All Saints Church.

Inside the church, the scene was unseenable, there was a bloody destruction, blood and blood was everywhere. The church building has badly-damaged due to ball barring in walls. This all was looking nothing short of the judgement day.

In church, we lighted the candles for the passed away people, our hearts werefull of grief but it was timeto give them comfort. We tried our best to bring comfortable words with Bishop Hemifiry and incharge pastor, pastor Ijaz. It was hard time because the unexpected situation was asking to be accepted. We assured them that Save and serve humanity is always here with you to have a more co-operative hand.

After that we walked to lady reading hospital with heavy heart but we have to comfort them so we suppose them to be calm we have tied black ribbons as a sign of protest.At lady reading hospital we meet Medical Superintendent ,We requested him to give special medicalcare to the patients.

We were informed by people that due to Sunday the hospital staff was not present ,when people were breathing their doctors were there to attend the serious injuries.The effected people were at hospital but without any medicarefaciities.there run shortage of stratchers and beds.

Many people died due to the lack of medication.Theymaycould cure if they were provided a meanwhile medical lady reading hospital funeral boxes were no more ,but bodies were there.

We  were stuned  to know that a faint body was kept for funeral ,we attended all the patients with prayer in surgical ward.the night was getting dark,but have to visit the mission hospital .Today in morning  we saw Miss saba at leady reading hospital I C U ,she was 23 years old and student of M B A,she was resident of Mission Hospital like many other people she also had lost her life, so that we were  going her last or funeral services to Gora Graveyard.It was time of 12 ( midnight) after this we went to pastor Kashif Gill in Badsha Sitar Shah colony to have a stay . in this way the day full of signs cring and sobbings,23rdsep 2013 has end now.

Early in the morning on 24th Sep.2013 we reached at leady reading hospital we visited all the patients bed to bed and asked for comfort and trust.


We divided food boxes there e as well as provided them medicines without any coast. we left from leady reading hospital peshawar to Lahore at 11 pm on 24 sep.2013.

We again visited that effected families  on 3rd may, 2014. We came to know about their problems and troubles. Although 7 months had passed but yet that day or up to now the people were afraid, hopeless, heartless and mentally frustrated.  Many stories of sadness are there. Only a brave and courageous one can dare to know or listen their real life story. A mentally strong person can came to know about present situation of their lives. After listening and watching them a stone hearted person can melt like wax.

We request, you to remember Save and serve humanity in your personal and collective prayers that God bless us with more resources o help them. Let us join hands with us to low-down the sufferings of the effected people. They are waiting for you to have more breaths of life. Let us become an inhaler for them.