43% of unintended pregnancies results in abortion. People are using abortion for birth spacing. We organized a program by the name of SMAC (Save Mother & Child) for the community which will help to reduce this alarming situation and minimize health hazards to the communities.

Family planning helps prevent unwanted and high risk pregnancies, and it also helps improve the woman’s health and lower maternal mortality. We are providing Family Planning Services free of coast in SMAC Programme from 16th October. Where the insertion and removal of IUCDs as well as medicines, consultancy and follow up of patients is totally free of cost. Healthy mothers ensure healthy families and healthy newborn have a better chance to become healthy children. We teach woman to practice good nutrition before and during pregnancy, help mothers learn how to best feed their newborns, infants and young children, and show families how to recognize and seek medical care for high risk illness during pregnancy and early childhood.