In this area non-qualified doctors (quacks) are in large number. The people of Youhanabad, first they have lack of heath education and 2nd have less resources . So these people have no other option than to go these quacks. You know? How they are treated over there? These quacks depend on steroid. It brings this sweet poison and ultimately it becomes dependent on steroids and thus these quacks are playing with the health of the people of Youhanabad and the health and wealth both are being damaged. We highly felt the seriousness of the situation. We felt that free medical camps are not enough for this area, because we can not follow the patient by means of camps. A permanent health care system is needed. Where people may provided proper health facilities. By the grace of God on 15th December 2013, we introduced a Christian health care system by the name “Shalom Medical Centre” we begin it with the name of God where qualified and competent staff are providing Medical services.

In Shalom Medical Centre patients are being provide high quality medical facility just on nominal charges also the patients are being educated about basic principles of health care. Our health experts provide sufficient information for prevention  from disease. So, that people will remain healthy  and maintain their heath because disease free community is our dream. Peoples of this locality are becoming better health wise and saving some money by our project and thus the money they can spend on the education of their children.