We arrange free medical camps near by area of Lahore & especially in youhanabad from 2005,up till now we have arranged 112th Shalom Free medical camps .More than 17000 people have been facilitated from these camps they not only received free medical facilities but they were taught the basic principals of health & care and how they can keep them self safe from diseases. In the said area health education is almost nil ,on the other hand the economic resources of the people are very poor.They have no enough money to go to a competent physician & pay his fee. that why we are arranging free medical capms so,that these people may get the services of qualified and competent doctors and also will get proper health guidence.We have some observations  regarding health of the people of this area which we want to share with you.There is no qualified & competent doctor (physician)in this area ,nearby Government hospitals are very busy and having lot of rush.Private clinics & hospitals are too expensive,medical  specialists charges Rs 1000-2000/- as consultation fee. While an ordinary persons income is Rs 700-1000/Per day. So these people cannot afford the consultation from private physician.