Save and Serve Humanity concentrates on the social and economic uplift of communities, especially in rural areas/urban slums by encouraging them to ascertain their own needs. This leads to build capacity and local resources to an extent that enables them to eradicate the real and most tangible problems.

Also concentrate on activities for integrated, self-reliant and long-term development of the communities through various programs. Train and support human resources for devising, implementing and overseeing development projects and programs.

Code of Conduct

Save and Serve Humanity is a social development organization that operates as an entity in its own right. It works with multiple stakeholders and communities irrespective of their race, caste, faith or creed and other societal divisions

Our Areas of Work

We’re dedicated to serving the most vulnerable people across the country by addressing the root causes of poverty and empowering communities from addressing short-term needs to tackling long term issues, Save and Serve Humanity works to alleviate poverty through a range of varied and important areas.