The organization has accounted its nodal responsibility for the participation, development, empowerment and sustainability of the marginalized, deprived, under-privileged, neglected and impoverished communities in Pakistan.

Save and Serve Humanity hope to intervene and transform precarious societies into resilient harmonized systems bearing livelihood, living standards, market and legal access, equality and brighter future for posterity in collaboration with its local and international network partners. With a healthy confidence, I am certain for advancement towards the mission of serving and execution of the organization manifesto towards the spectrum of deserving societal domains and identifying opportunities having long projectile impact on the grass-root, primary and lateral units of stratification. The principle of integrated business support mechanism will continue and foster with further additions of programs, projects and provisions to play a catalyst role in the transforming the world into just and equitable place for the inhabitants.

I am also grateful to my team members for their hard work and dedicated effort in the field. But above all, I would like to recognize our community organizations for demonstrating resilience in the face of extreme adversity and for being the agents of hope and change in this country.