Women Empowerment

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Through Capacity Building Skills and Livelihood

Vast majority of our Community lived in Rural areas, Save and Serve Humanity have emphasized on the importance of providing Technical, Vocational and skills training to gain socio-economic integration.


  • Promote and provide demand driven technical education & vocational training.
  • Upgrade teaching abilities, skills and knowledge of teaching staff.
  • Upgrade teaching equipment to the required standards.
  • Establish a system of public coordination through Boards of Management at District level, coordinating all institutions in the District and their administration.
  • Set up regular Monitoring/Evaluation & Feedback system for the vocational training and teaching education to respond efficiency to the existing and changing demand of the economy.

To enhance the confidence, self-esteem and led economic empowerment of women, on the basic need assessment exercise for skill training like,

  • Prevention of food
  • Candle making
  • Beautician
  • Artificial jewelry making
  • Stitching, tie & Dye
  • Fabric printing and block printing.

These all training will be offer to women, girl and men from the selected communities after these training they will be able to improve their skill from 1st step to final shape of the product through group & individual exercise. These trainings will really enhance their skills and as well as confidence.

The most important segment of households and can apply in important role to create pleasant environment of their homes through income generation, saving steps at their family lend.

Vocational Centers will be establish in District Lahore, Bahawalnagar, Abottabad and far-flung areas of province Punjab and KPK a Vocational Centre with much appreciated collaboration of local NGO’s TEVTA and other training centers the Save and Serve Humanity, Based on the economic development and employment needs within the region, the vocational training center provides:

  • Opportunities for training through quality vocational education exclusively focused on the betterment and economic uplift of the rural woman.
  • A complete package related to making of marketable products such as fashionable garments adorned by beautiful embroideries and accessories.
  • With skilled trainers, Save and Serve Humanity imparts a full set of skills, right from designing to cutting to embroidering to sewing and finally to selling the garments and thus empowering them to make a reasonable income.
  • Formation of community based women committees.
  • Utilizing 120 young girls as teachers for Save and Serve Humanity
  • Encouraging young girls to complete Metric through Save and Serve Humanity
  • Female adult literacy classes.
  • Sewing / Cutting / Embroidery Classes and English Language classes for girls.