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Vast majority of our Community lived in Rural areas, Save and Serve Humanity have emphasized on the importance of providing Technical, Vocational and skills training to gain socio-economic integration.

Objectives: · Promote and provide demand driven technical education & vocational training. · Upgrade teaching abilities, skills and knowledge of teaching staff. · Upgrade teaching equipment to the required standards. · Establish a system of public coordination through Boards of Management at District level, coordinating all institutions in the District and their administration. · Set up regular Monitoring/Evaluation & Feedback system for the vocational training and teaching education to respond efficiency to the existing and changing demand of the economy. To enhance the confidence, self-esteem and led economic empowerment of women, on the basic need assessment exercise for skill training like,

Agriculture: Save and Serve Humanity has been a forerunner in providing health, educational at Lahore, Kasur and sheikhupura to earn reasonable means of income on a consistent basis to better their conditions and thus the conditions of the generations to come. Seed and Fertilizer Distribution Ÿ Save and Serve Humanity  will distribute high quality seeds of wheat to families of small landowners of the areas. Ÿ High quality seeds of Sunflower also will be provided to small landowners of area Ÿ Seeds and fertilizers for 2 acres of fertile land along with technical assistance so that they become capable once again to earn their own livelihoods independently. In order to achieve optimum, long term and sustainable results special training will further be given to in-house and field staff

  • Prevention of food · Candle making · Beautician · Artificial jewelry making · Stitching, tie & Dye · Fabric printing and block printing. These all training will be offer to women, girl and men from the selected communities after these training they will be able to improve their skill from 1st step to final shape of the product through group & individual exercise. These trainings will really enhance their skills and as well as confidence. The most important segment of households and can apply in important role to create pleasant environment of their homes through income generation, saving steps at their family lend.

so that the goal of the whole project is understood and focused upon. The network of trainers and eld staff will also be provided full information to spread verbal, written and visual awareness to continuously increase the number of potential beneficiaries, whether into the training and vocational centers' or in associating with the small landowners for seeds and small-scale cattle farmers etc. Livestock: To the people capable of successfully rearing livestock and having sufficient space and know-how, are provided technical information and livestock animals such as buffaloes, goats etc to get them started and create a sustainable, and steadily increasing source of income. They could sell milk in the local market for cash and also benefit from the number of heads increased in breeding. Per recipient, one buffalo and two goats will be given.


(Human and Institutional Development)

Every Human has latent and occult talents which need impressing and polishing. To be aware of one's self worth and have thought of his inner capacity is to rule the world.

The HID program implies making professional realize their capability and enable them to march towards professionalism by acquiring certain skills and techniques.

Capacity – Building is long-standing speculation is individuals, institutions, and societies to build up the knowledge, skills, and resources for meeting their own needs.

Save and Serve Humanity professional team actively participating in various type of staff and community trainings in different organizations and platforms to increase the capacity of our staff and other Civil Society Organizations and NGO's of in the country.

It develops human capacities for accountable and sustainable development and empowers as well as strengthens organizations in the region to uplift the marginalized sections of the society.

Save and Serve Humanity has a plan to establish a Human and institutional development center in Lahore. Aims at enhancing the capabilities and potentialities of social development sector professionals.

 As set towards materializing the dream of establishing a human and institutional capacity building institute, Save and Serve Humanity with its utmost efforts to establishing HID Centre at Lahore.

The HID center will be unique of its kind in Lahore; it provides services to not only for the trainings and other events organized by Non-government institutions and Development can also be avail the facility.

Objectives of Capac