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Informal Education:

To fight against illiteracy, Save and Serve Humanity has a plan to establishHome Schools in District Kasur, Lahore and Sheikhupura. These schools will run in the homes of the community girls. The neighborhood children attend the school. Many teenage girls drop out of school after class 5, because no secondary school is present in the area. These girls will provided books as well as taught by other educated girls in the community. They are then encouraged to give private high school examinations. Textbooks will also be provide free of cost to the needy students, and there is no fees. The furniture for the school including black board, dari, chairs, tables etc will also provide. In addition, efforts are directed towards improving mothers' literacy through Adult Literacy Classes. Mothers are taught to read and write using simple techniques. This will help raise awareness among mothers on various issues.

Save & Serve Humanity Vocational Training Centre:

Save and Serve Humanity has a plan to establish Vocational Centres in different District like Kasur, Lahore and Sheikhupura to provide learning Opportunities for young girls and boys. These centers will be provide skills in Sewing, cutting and embroidery classes are held for young girls. Computer classes provide software and hardware training for both boys and girls. Internet facilities are also provided. In addition, English language classes will also held for youth. These centers will help in providing income generation activities.

Save & Serve Humanity Adult Education:

Adult education is a powerful means to reduce poverty because it offers reading, writing and numeracy, as well as other fundamental life skills that allow learning to continue throughout one's life. Education allows adults to gain the knowledge and skills for participation in society and the knowledge of economy. Literacy education program for adults is geared towards the poorest of the Society especially disadvantaged women groups.

Formation of School Management Committee: For quality education Save and Serve Humanity will form school management committee from local community to see and monitor Overall