A long journey a short review


When you see the Logo of SSH (Save & Serve Humanity) its looks like a Pelican bird. According  to the legend when the mother Pelican cannot find food for her young ones she thrust her beak into her breast & nourishes her little one with her own blood.The early church saw in this story a beautiful picture of what Christ did for us and what we in return should do for one another.We the SSH are embodying the love of Jesus Christ .Save & Serve Humanity is is non Governmental ,non political ,non religious,non denominational And non Profitable Organization .

We arrange free medical camps and up till now we have arranged 119 Shalom Free Medical Camps in past 13years ,In these camps more than 19000 patients have been treated free of coast.We felt that free medical camps were not enough for this area because we were not able to give the follow up to the patients by means of camps.

So,We establish Shalom Medical Centre on 15th Dec,2015.


In Shalom Medical Centre patients are being provided quality medical facilities just on nominal charges People  of this locality are becoming better health wise and are able to save money by our projects and thus they can spend these resources on the education of their children.

Family Planning prevents unwarranted and high risk pregnancies and it also helps to improve women health and lower maternal mortality. We are providing family planning services free of cost in SMAC programme from 16th October 2016, where the insertion and removal of IUCDs as well as reproductive medicines, consultancy and follow up of patients is totally free of cost.

We arrange walks on different health days specially on breast cancer, mouth cancer, non tobacco day, and world sight day. We arrange health seminars on various topics like world sight day, hepatitis A B C, and others in different areas particularly in colleges and Churches. People who came from remort and backward areas found it very difficult to got proper treatment in hospitals. So they need guidance and assistance in hospitals for medicines and surgeries there we assist them for doctor visits, lab tests, surgeries and medicines.

We help the victims of natural and man-made disasters. On 24th September 2013, we visited All Saints Church Peshawar victims in Lady Reading Hospital. We provided food boxes there and provided some medicines to some injured. We arranged follow up camp with for the victims of YOUHANABAD blast with the collaboration of THE VOICE SOCIETY. The Voice Society gave financial support and SSH provided free medicines to the injured. As a part of our vision we serve all irrespective of their caste, colors, Creed, gender and religion. We are open to everyone who is deprived and living under poverty line. We work for those who have nothing no stable job, no pension, no home, and no money to send their children to school. No hope of change. A large number of people are living in poverty and they are living in slums with virtually no sevic services of any kind  Our philosophy is we know we cant rescue every one but we surely must rescue some.